Me & Mo Rocca Double Dutch

Can’t believe I was on TV!! Very exciting. SO MUCH FUN!!! Once the link is posted I’ll have it up ASAP. Until then, check out these photos!!!

MQ taught Mo Rocca to double dutch for CBS Sunday Morning

Michelle Obama, Patron Saint of Double Dutch

Seriously. Michelle Obama has double dutched on the front lawn of the White House and now she’s jumping on morning television in front of the entire country. She wins. LOVE!

The Cary YMCA Super Skippers are the incredible jumpers turning the ropes.

Padma, from Top Chef, jump ropes

Yup, even Padma Lakshmi, the judge on Top Chef gets her jump rope on. She can jump on one foot, in heels. Nice!
(Don’t blink or you’ll miss her jumping)

From the LA Weekly article about the newest Top Chef season—

7) Padma keeps a jump rope in her suitcase.
Padma’s been asked many times how she keeps so trim despite a job that requires her to eat so much, and in addition to boxing and running up and down flights of stairs, she carries as jump rope in her suitcase wherever she goes. Why not two? Double dutch anyone?

Padma, if you wanna learn to double dutch GIVE DDE A CALL!

John Updike Jumping Rope

Starting a new series of posts, DDE would like to highlight famous, well known or otherwise likable characters to be caught in the ropes.

To start with, welcome Pulitzer Prize winning author John Updike. Taken from a photoshoot in 1979, it seems Mr. Updike got tangled up when trying to cross the ropes. Love it!