Watch “DOUBLETIME” Online

For a couple of bucks you can watch the amazing documentary about the Bouncing Bulldogs and Double Dutch Forces and their respective struggle to compete on the international double dutch circuit. Check out the film at Prescreen

Below is the synopsis straight from the DOUBLETIME site—

Jump roping has moved off the sidewalks and onto the stage.

DOUBLETIME follows two disparate teams –one suburban white and one inner-city black– as they train to compete against each other for the very first time.

The Bouncing Bulldogs of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and The Double Dutch Forces of Columbia, South Carolina are the two top American teams. Although they train in neighboring states, the Bulldogs and the Forces rarely cross paths as they belong to separate leagues that do not compete against one another.

The Bulldogs represent the best of gymnastic freestyle jumping found mostly in white suburbia while the Forces belong to the inner- city African American tradition of Double Dutch.

For the first time, both the Bulldogs and the Forces decide to enter a competition at the world famous Apollo Theater called the Holiday Classic. The film features four young athletes (age 11 to 18) who display courage, skills and charisma as they passionately prepare for the event.

Doubletime culminates on stage in Harlem with this rowdy crowd- pleasing contest which features “fusion” routines where Double Dutch is blended with hip- hop dance and music.

Double Dutch in West Hollywood – Dec 3rd

Join the LA Double Dutch and Do Double Dutch Meetup groups this Saturday at Plummer Park in West Hollywood. The jumping starts at 11:30am and will go for at least one hour. Ropes and lessons will be provided. All jumpers are welcome!