The Jump Rope Girls – Nov 30 – Brooklyn

‘Jump Rope Girls Project’
More than 20 years ago some spirited 11-year-old girls in Brooklyn used a love of double Dutch jump rope and rap-infused cheers to cope with the harsh aspects of their neighborhood, making them the subject of a newspaper article by Susan Hartman. Several years ago Ms. Hartman revisited the young women — some now with children of their own — leading to a 2008 follow-up article and the beginning of a multimedia project. At 7 p.m. Ms. Hartman and Nancy Kaye, who took photographs for the original article, will join some of the young women for a slide show and discussion that will also feature a question-and-answer session.

Dweck Center, Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza at Flatbush Avenue and Eastern Parkway, Prospect Park, (718) 230-2100,; FREE!
The Jump Rope Girls

Padma, from Top Chef, jump ropes

Yup, even Padma Lakshmi, the judge on Top Chef gets her jump rope on. She can jump on one foot, in heels. Nice!
(Don’t blink or you’ll miss her jumping)

From the LA Weekly article about the newest Top Chef season—

7) Padma keeps a jump rope in her suitcase.
Padma’s been asked many times how she keeps so trim despite a job that requires her to eat so much, and in addition to boxing and running up and down flights of stairs, she carries as jump rope in her suitcase wherever she goes. Why not two? Double dutch anyone?

Padma, if you wanna learn to double dutch GIVE DDE A CALL!

It’s that time again — Holiday Classic at The Apollo

Get ready for the world championship of Double Dutch. Hosted by The National Double Dutch League, 2011 will be the 20th Annual competition. TWENTY YEARS, OH MY! The perfect setting at The Apollo Theater in Harlem for the best double dutch you could ever dream of!

See the best of the best on December 4th from 1pm-4pm, from single speed double dutch to incredible fusion team routines. If the last few years taught us anything, the event normally ends around 6pm and it’s usually a wild snowstorm outside, so wear warm clothes and bring a snack or two. It’ll be a long day that will fill your heart with joy and your eyes will be in awe. Inspiring and magical, get your tickets now!!!

Registration is open until Monday, November 14th, so grab your team and enter!!!

Jump rope gets science-y

Use physics to select the correct jump rope. Get smart and fit at THE SAME TIME!!!

Wired tells you how.

Thanks to impressive athleticism, high-speed video and clever computer modeling, two researchers have unraveled the hidden aerodynamics behind the playful task of skipping over a speeding rope.

“Now we can say what’s a good or fast jump rope: one that’s lightweight, has a small diameter and is short” and smooth, Aristoff said. “That gives you the lowest drag and highest speed.”

High Fashion Double Dutch

Stunning double dutch spread in Italian Vogue.

All day I dream of fashion and double dutch. This is the MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!! More please!

Congrats to the jumpers — Tim, Ted, Joseph and Sebastian. Looking good fellas!